• Dramatic savings on installation and maintenance over traditional platforms

  • Uses roughly 90% less power than current systems

  • Offers the lowest cost for HD distribution in the country

Space Saving
Mocacom LLC is pleased to announce that there is now a better, easier and more cost-effective way to enjoy television in a commercial setting. 

smartbox™ is a revolutionary new system that provides analog or high definition television to your entire property no matter how large or how many TV sets it houses.

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More Options
  • Up to 96 HD channels

  • FREE community channel included

  • One unit can broadcast in HD and SD channels simultaneously, making it less expensive to serve all TVs in any size of facility

About Our Company

Mocacom LLC is among Dish networks leading bulk retailers. We specialize in selling, installing, and servicing Dish Network smartbox™ and EVOLVE systems as well as complete internet solutions. 

As a member of both the Dish Network’s free to guest/bulk advisory committee and Dish Network’s smartbox™ advisory committee, we are among the nation’s premiere smartbox™ retailers. Our close relationship with Dish Network allows us to accomplish things that other retailers can’t

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